July 19, 2024

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Links is  a simple bookmarking service which allows you to bookmark your favorite websites from your Android device, or from the Chrome browser. The service also lets your organise your bookmarks into various folders so that its easy to keep track of your bookmarks.

Your bookmarks are synced between your Chrome browser and your Android device. So no matter if you’re on a desktop, a laptop, an Android smartphone, or an Android tablet, your bookmarks are available.

You can have a look at the web interface and register, which will let you use the Chrome extension and the Android app.

Nothing Pro

As the name suggests, this app does absolutely nothing. It just has a label which says, well, ‘Nothing.’ But the best part is, it delivers 100% on what it promises, which is again, nothing.

There’s also a free version of this app, and you can download Nothing from the Play Store. But if you do that, you’ll not get bragging rights. For that, you have to buy the Pro version. So buy Nothing Pro on the Play Store right now and get your bragging rights.



This is a simple expense management tool. With this app, you can create your own expense categories, income sources, deduction categories, and savings categories. After this, you can start logging your incomes, expenditure, savings, and deductions.

There are various charts and graphs which give you both an overall and very in-depth view into your money management strategies. With this data, you can easily plan your shopping, savings, etc. This is also a PWA app. So if you use it on your phone, with Chrome, you can add it to your home screen and use it as a native app.


This is a simple news app which uses some third party news aggregation APIs to show the headlines, state news, city news, and other categorical news in a very simple interface.

Being a PWA, this can be easily added to the home screen of a mobile device and used as a native app. There is an option to save your country, state, and city as your profile so that whenever you open the app, you’ll get relevant news from your geographical region. Apart from this, you can always browse news from categories such as technology, business, automobiles, etc.

Fuel Expenses Monitor


This is a simple fuel expenses monitor which can be used to record and monitor how much money you’re spending on fuel per vehicle, how much fuel you’re putting into your vehicles, what type of fuel, etc. I started recording all this information the day I bought my first car. But I was doing it in a book. I’m not really a book person and wanted to get all this data online so that I have access to it all the time and from anywhere, and so that I could run some analytics on the data. So I wrote this app, which is very simple to use and understand. There are a few charts already baked into the product, which is completely free to use.

This is no Android or iOS app, you don’t have to download anything. This is PWA (progressive web app), which means you can just open up the web app in your browser (on your computer or phone), add a shortcut to it on your home screen or desktop, and use it similar to a native app. You don’t have to create an account as I have integrated Google Sign in, so you just use your Google account. It’s as simple as that.


  1. Introduction to Python (for Data Science) – Data Camp
  2. Apache Spark and Python: Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning – Udemy
  3. Apache Spark Starter Kit – Udemy
  4. Hadoop Starter Kit – Udemy
  5. Apache Kafka for Beginners – Learn Kafka by Hands-On – Udemy
  6. Ethical Hacking with JavaScript – LinkedIn Learning
  7. Software Architecture Foundations – LinkedIn Learning
  8. Programming Foundations: Design Patterns – LinkedIn Learning
  9. Handling Workplace Change as an Employee – LinkedIn Learning
  10. Developing a Learning Mindset
    1. LinkedIn Learning
    2. National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA)
    3. Project Management Institute (PMI) ®
  11. Practical Test Driven Development for Java Programmers – Udemy
  12. Getting Started With Hive For Relational Database Developers – Pluralsight
  13. Exploring And Preparing Your Data With BigQuery – Pluralsight
  14. Google Cloud Platform Big Data And Machine Learning Fundamentals – Pluralsight
  15. SQL On Hadoop – Analyzing Big Data With Hive – Pluralsight

Proof of Concept Projects (POCs)

I write a lot of POCs at work and whenever I get enough time. I have consolidated the list so that I can go back and find a snippet of code whenever I need, because I don’t the kind of memory that would make me proud. So here is the list of all the POCs I have written so far.

Data Structures

I have implemented a few data structures in Java as POCs. You can find the list of all such implementations here.