How to automatically trigger AWS Lambda functions using CloudWatch

If you have AWS Lambda functions which need to be triggered periodically, like CRON jobs, there are many ways to achieve this. But I recently discovered a very easy and AWS-way of doing this, which makes life a lot easier. So, there are a lot of ways you can trigger Lambda functions periodically. One of the most common ways I've see people doing this is adding an API Gateway to the Lambda function, and then calling that API periodically as a CRON job from one of the machines in the setup. I actually thought this is how you're supposed do to that. Okay, let me make this clear. I'm not a DevOps guy. I just learn these things as and when the job requires me to. So the CloudWatch feature that I recently discovered is by no means a new feature introduced recently. It just so happens that I ...

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Put data to Amazon Kinesis Firehose delivery stream using Spring Boot

If you work with streams of big data which have to be collected, transformed, and analysed, you for sure would have heard of Amazon Kinesis Firehose. It is an AWS service used to load streams of data to data lakes or analytical tools, along with compressing, transforming, or encrypting the data. You can use Firehose to load streaming data to something like S3, or RedShift. From there, you can use a SQL query engine such as Amazon Athena to query this data. You can even connect this data to your BI tool and get real time analytics of the data. This could be very useful in applications where real time analysis of data is necessary. In this post, we'll see how we can create a delivery stream in Kinesis Firehose, and write a simple piece of Java code to put records (produce data) to t...

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