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Apache Drill vs. Apache Spark – Which SQL query engine is better for you?

If you are in the big data or data science or BI space, you might have heard about Apache Spark. A few of you might have also heard about Apache Drill, and a tiny bit of you might have actually worked with it. I discovered Apache Drill very recently. But since then, I've come to like what it has to offer. But the first thing that I wondered when I glanced over the capabilities of Apache Drill was, how is this different from Apache Spark? Can I use the two interchangeably? I did some research and found the answers. Here, I'm going to answer these questions for myself and maybe for you guys too. It is very important to understand that there is a fundamental difference between the two, how they are implemented, and what they are capable of. With Apache Drill, we write SQL quer...

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