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Connect Apache Spark to your HBase database (Spark-HBase Connector)

There will be times when you’ll need the data in your HBase database to be brought into Apache Spark for processing. Usually, you’ll query the database, get the data in whatever format you fancy, and then load that into Spark, maybe using the `parallelize()`function. This works, just fine. But depending on the size of the data, this could cause delays. At least it did for our application. So after some research, we stumbled upon a Spark-HBase connector in Hortonworks repository. Now, what is this connector and why should you be considering this? Source: The Spark-HBase Connector (shc-core) The SHC is a tool provided by Hortonworks to connect your HBase database to Apache Spark so that you can tell your Spark context to pickup the data directly fro...

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