Getting started with Chalice to create AWS Lambdas in Python – Step by Step Tutorial

If you're into serverless stuff, you already know what is AWS Lambda. But if you don't know, AWS Lambda is a serverless service provided by Amazon where you can create 'functions' and deploy them in AWS, which you can run without having any server instances (such as EC2). Hence the name serverless. You can then trigger these functions using a variety of built in triggers such as S3 events, CloudWatch rules, API Gateways, and much more. AWS Lambda supports only a handful of programming languages such as NodeJS, Java, Python, and others. If you're writing your Lambda function in Python, you can use Chalice to make life a bit easier. Using Chalice, you can write a Lambda function, test it locally, and even deploy the Lambda function to your development, test, or production environments. ...

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