Bixby Routines, they actually work!

If you, for some reason have been living under a rock and don't know what Bixby is, it's the virtual assistant that Samsung has been trying to shove down your throat for a while now. But fortunately, with their latest smartphones, the Galaxy Note 10 series, they've given the option to silence Bixby forever, with the "Side Key" option. Today, we're not going to talk about how horrible or awesome the virtual assistant is, rather, how some features of Bixby are actually very useful, and work as expected. We're going to talk about Bixby Routines. On my Galaxy Note 9, I was using a third party app to map the Bixby key to open up the Google app, and had mapped Bixby to the double press of the key. But with my new Galaxy Note 10 Plus, I have the option to completely remove Bixby integration w...

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