Sub-6 and Millimeter Wave (mmWave) frequencies for 5G – All you need to know

5G is the next obvious upgrade to 4G and LTE that we use extensively today for our data needs when we're on the go. LTE was a huge upgrade from the much slower 3G a few years back. But in 2019, we're seeing over 1Gbps speeds with 5G. To make this a reality, wireless carriers are using a combination of different technologies and waves. In this post, I'll try to explain two of those which we see and hear in most conversations revolving around 5G - Sub-6 and Millimeter waves. To understand sub-6 and millimeter waves (mmWaves), we first need to understand how our smartphone radio signals function. As you all know, we have cell phone towers or antennas placed all around us which provide our phones with the coverage they need to keep us connected to the network. But what most people don't kn...

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