Should I travel or finish that task on Jira?

I’m not sure how many people face this in their lives. I’m not sure if this is normal. I don’t have a lot of experience, professionally. I’ve been in the tech industry (coding my way through) for a bit over five years, and before that I managed to get a job as a professional writer for half a year and after that, a Business Developer (BD). But I didn’t, and still don’t know what I was supposed to do and what I did as a BD. At present, I’m working as a programmer at a startup in Bangalore. The job is fun, and I got to learn a lot — libraries, practices, patterns, and a lot more. I met interesting people who have been in the startup space for a long time. This is my third startup, but the first funded startup. Both my previous tech jobs were at startups which wer...

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